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We believe that proper master planning is critical to the ultimate success of any project, especially those facilities and campuses that will grow and develop over time. Only when the total picture is understood can any specific portion be correctly designed to its ultimate potential.  Our associates enjoy the investigation and dialogue that is necessary in the master planning process.

Our multi-faceted architectural experience brings a well-rounded perspective to how a site can be developed. Whether it is a hand-drawn site plan sketch or computer-generated diagram, CGLS Architects can provide the graphic medium needed to convey the client's needs and desires in a method that is clearly understood. In addition, we can show the incremental growth of a site through the use of 3-D animation software. This unique service can greatly assist project participants who are unfamiliar with the design and construction process.



Programming is a vital part of designing a successful project to test and confirm its present and future needs and to establish a scope that is achievable within each client's budget restraints.  Through extensive interviewing and listening to our clients and focusing on the needs of the community and surrounding environs, we approach our projects with unique design elements and costs-conscious solutions. Our attention to detail, maximizing budgets and quality control contribute to our high success rate in education, hospitality, religious and commercial projects and generate repeat clients.



Dedicated Team - We will carefully assemble a talented team of architects and consultants who have amassed experience in working on similar type projects and who are available to successfully complete the feasibility study.

Relevant Experience - CGLS Architects has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing feasibility studies and understanding design details while meeting the budget and scheduling requirements of our clients.

Quality Design - We understand the critical importance of maintaining budget and schedule. As members of the team, we will diligently address issues of functionality, maintenance, efficiency, and ease of operation while also taking into consideration aesthetic concerns. We promote, encourage, and understand environmentally sensitive design practices and look forward to developing a "green" solution when desired.

Positive References - We have a proven track record of achieving successful results on projects and, upon request, will furnish you with our references.



"In the modern world, human life experience is largely played out in interior spaces. We may love the out-of-doors for the sense of open air and sky, for the escape it offers from life inside enclosure, but the very joy of being outside reflects the reality that so much of life is spent inside." Quoted from John Pile 

At CGLS, we approach interior design as part of the architecture as a whole. We design the entire building including its interior spaces to flow together and have a sense of presence in the community. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and providing them with an integrated design that suits their purpose and design goals. With an array of colors, textures, and styles to choose from, we are able to produce a product that is unique to every client.



CGLS Architects has successfully completed a variety of educational projects using various delivery methods including traditional Design-Bid-Build, CM at Risk, Design/Build and have worked with Owner's Reps, Program Managers and Construction Managers. The key to our success is communication and understanding and addressing the owners' needs with a creative and functional design solution, all the while maintaining consideration of the schedule and budget. We bring to life vital, responsible, and memorable design solutions to meet whatever delivery method is selected.

We believe that open communication leads to quality design and quality assurance. The CGLS team takes a "hands on" approach to ensure project success. We establish clear communication channels with all team members to avoid potential problems. All meetings and discussions are thoroughly documented allowing all appropriate parties to review and confirm decisions made. In addition, while preparing "traditional" architectural drawings for each phase, we also develop drawings and presentations, which convey design decisions artistically, helping you to visualize your building comprehensively in the early stages of the process. This allows greater feedback on your part, enabling our team to further interpret your vision. Near the end of each phase of the project, CGLS conducts an internal, as well as external consultant coordination and review of progress drawings.

We carefully lead and monitor any required or desired changes to the construction documents occurring during the Bid/Negotiation/Permitting Phase to ensure that any change is documented in a complete and coordinated fashion. When all negotiations with the contractor are complete, all scope issues confirmed, and all necessary building permits obtained, we update and revise the construction documents to incorporate any modifications from the original bid/pricing drawings. These updated construction documents are then reprinted and reissued to the General Contractor "For Construction."

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